Consulting Services

We offer consulting services and software development with a customized client experience to best suit your needs.

Our team of skilled developers offers custom software and web development for companies of all sizes in IT, advertising & marketing, e-commerce, financial services, and healthcare. Whether your company needs ad-hoc work completed, or if you need an ongoing relationship with product hosting, support, or product strategy and building, LDG will work with you to make your company thrive.

Cloud Hosted Data Solutions

We provide high performance and scalable custom solutions by leveraging state-of-the-art and time proven cloud infrastructure. We guarantee competitive costs to meet your performance and financial needs. We'll host and manage your services for you, simplifying version upgrades and maintenance, for both private internal company services and public facing services.

Database Administration

We offer a wide array of database administration services, removing the need for you or your company to hire a full time DBA. Whether you need database infrastructure consulting, schema review/development, query development or optimization, LDG can solve your problems!

Data Intelligence

We offer LDG proprietary data intelligence platform, a browser-based interactive environment to meet all your data science needs. We also offer tools for testing and verification of data quality and functional correctness.

Managing data can be difficult, especially when there is lots of it. We'll work with you to develop a bespoke browser-based solution for your employees to access, view, modify, and analyze your data.

Machine Learning and AI

We analyze your visual, numerical, and textual data, in order to provide human-like insight into the hidden knowledge contained therein.

With over 10 years of experience in Machine Learning and AI, LDG will work with you to extract all your data has to offer. Machine Learning and AI can be more powerful and accurate than humans at tasks such as image recognition, voice recognition, prediction, fraud detection, and much more.

Task Automation

We remove the overhead of your business's repetitive tasks by working with you to create automation scripts that can be run ad-hoc or on a schedule.

Using the programming language of your choice, we'll work with you to ensure the scripts do exactly what your company needs. Automation is especially useful for data import, data export, user permission modification, and more.